Monday, June 18, 2007

Making sense isn't as easy as it sounds, is it?

There are times when you're out shopping and you find something that catches your eye. It may be a nice pair of sandals or a nice wallet. Everything about it seems like it was made just to suit your need and mood. But then you pick it up and find one tiny label that just kills the whole thing! Why, oh lord, should it have the label! If it weren't there you'd have shelled out whatever the store demanded but no. It's there and there is nothing you can do about it.

It's exactly the same feeling that hits you when you're watching a movie or listening to a song, perhaps, and everything is amazing before something incredibly stupid and out of place happens. Or when you're eating your favourite dish and some strong flavoured ingredient completely spoils it. Why can't they leave that scene out? Why do they have to put a 'la lala la' chorus in between? Beats me.

You cannot erase what you don't want as much as you'd love to. It shall be there, forever. It's a recurring theme in life, I guess.


Czar said...

Tell me about it.

I had gone to buy some denim trouser. The trouser looked amazing and looked as if it will fit me perfect and I was all delighted.

Just before I was about to take it in for a trial, I realized this tiny patch of greenish brown leather that was put on the back pocket. Aaarrrgh!

A nice topic to write about and well written.

Anonymous said...

You really cant erase or change much about life I guess.. We always think we can make our lives and shit.. but I have come to believe that life is not really dependent on what you do with it.. Life is more a function of what you do with whatever happens to come your way.. The latter is way beyond your control

Making sense is the hardest thing on planet I swear :D


Ankita DJ said...

True so true! I loved this brown denim bag. But as you said, the same thing happend. One bright orange rubber patch saying "I rock!" with apple green boundary!


Anonymous said...

I saw this really nice jacket today in a kutti shop on the street. It was super cheap but had these useless bits of cloth with buttons up in front which screwed up the whole elegance look. But madam being the cheapskate that she is and the winter clothing lover that she has become picked it up anyway and decided to tear off the ugly patches of cloth later. Moral of totally uncalled for comment: Cut the label.

KSHITIJ said...

Yes dude, I was shopping this weekend. Jeans with yellow patches on the butt.

And a tag reading 'Ramraj' is quite a put-off too!!!

Ajith said...
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