Sunday, February 10, 2008


Think about a man on an island that's thousand miles away from the nearest city, with practically no connection whatsoever to other people. No exchange of goods, no communication, nothing. Is it possible to experience how that feels when you're living in a crowded place with lots and lots of people you know around you? Perhaps.
There are three classes of people in the world, a rough classification while we're at it. There are people who can observe phenomena and processes and see the underlying patterns, understand them to a great extent but cannot create those patterns at will, there are those who can create the beautiful patterns and then there are the rest. And for those who belong to the first category, life can be quite a bitch.
I've seen people who live in a huge mess when it comes to their rooms/home. They have no idea about where they can find what they want; clothes, books, stationery, everything strewn all around the place. Yet they are excellent when it comes to organizational abilities. I've always felt strange about it. Being a person who keeps his room clean, I sometimes feel a pang of envy when I think about these people. It'd probably be fun to live in a mess but I just cannot get myself to do it.
I wrote this exam called GATE today for totally monetary reasons. I couldn't help feeling so heavily bored during the utterly drab exam. Why can't we have exams that hold our interest for at least as long as their bloody duration?
A friend of mine sent me a couple of songs from this movie 'Juno' a couple of days back. Beautiful songs. I had to watch the movie after listening to them and I did. And was it a good movie or what?! If you like good drama and dark humour, it's a highly recommended watch. Ellen Page has done a terrific job with the lead role. One cannot help but find her oh-so-cute.
Another friend of mine put up a post on his blog recently, a one-liner so concise and succinct. Brilliance.

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